Our Difference

Bio-Zyme is a naturally fermented product containing enzymes produced from naturally sourced plant-based materials. Enzymes are proteins which are used as catalysts for a specific reaction. Bio-Zyme eliminates all odours associated with organic matter, particularly the hydrogen sulphide and ammonia smells/odours occurring with human and animal faeces. 

Bio-Zyme acts as a catalyst to enhance existing bacterial action in speeding up the breakdown (degradation) of organic matter. Bio-Zyme is used as a degreaser, cleaner/sanitiser*(*only under MPI Approvals). We have 3 Bio-Zyme products Industrial, Cleaner and Multipurpose.

Bio-Zyme also bio-chemically starts eliminating offensive organic odours upon application. Bio-Zyme is made from natural plant-based products with low toxicity readily biodegradable surfactants and has no genetically modified ingredients added. Bio-Zyme reacts with soils and starts degrading quickly, this means there is no long-term accumulation of Bio-Zyme in the soils. Thus Bio-Zyme has a low impact on the environment. All cleaning products have some effect on the environment which is why products must be used as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Because of the natural plant-based products chosen to make Bio-Zyme, it is safe for the user and anyone else who is in the vicinity of where it is being applied. Bio-Zyme is preferable for septic tanks and is endorsed by the leading manufacturers of wastewater treatment systems and septic tanks in New Zealand. 

Bio-Zyme Industrial is used in grease converters and effluent ponds for the treatment of waste, it breaks down grease, fats and oils while breaking up suspended solids. Making a better product for wastewater treatment systems to treat.

Bio-Zyme Cleaner and Multipurpose are laboratory-tested (Hill Laboratories NZ and Eurofins Scientific Australia) - test results are available on request.


Case Studies

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Our Accreditations

Cleaner  Industrial  Multipurpose

To meet the Eco Choice Aotearoa requirements, components of commercial and institutional cleaning products should either be environmentally innocuous or should be where possible, readily biodegradable and the products of that degradation should not pose an increased risk to the environment. The specification also calls for licensees to reduce packaging waste through re-use or recycling and includes criteria for waste and energy management in manufacturing. Bio-Zyme received this accreditation in May 2018. 

To meet BioGro requirements, the product used is to be as organic as possible, surfactants to be the lowest toxicity possible, sustainable, and ethical products used with no genetic modifications. The product must be biodegradable and have minimum wastage. Bio-Zyme received this accreditation in June 2007. 

To meet MPI standards for Cleaner and Sanitisers, external testing by Hill Laboratories and Eurofins was carried out. Bio-Zyme is approved MPI C32 & C31 August 2006, MPI Cleaner Sanitiser was approved in November 2016 and MPI for both Dairy Approved and recognised in Nov 2016. 

To meet worldwide standard manufacturing procedures, Bio-Zyme has always been manufactured in Christchurch at an accredited ISO 9001 plant. 

  • BioGro 4839
  • Eco Choice Aotearoa Certified
  • MPI Approved Cleaner/Sanitiser C31, C32
  • MPI Dairy Approved and Recognised
  • Approved by NZ Leading Grease Convertor Manufacturers
  • Endorsed by NZ Leading Waste Water System Manufacturers
  • Approved by NZ City Councils
  • Approved by NZ Flooring Company
  • Tested by Hill Laboratories NZ and Eurofins Scientific Australia
  • Plastic Sustainable (HDPE 2)
  • ISO 9001

And more:

  • NZ Owned and Manufactured
  • Ethically Manufactured and Sourced Ingredients


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