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Bio-Zyme Start Pack box and the contents of the box on a table
What is Bio-Zyme?

A naturally fermented enzyme product made from naturally sourced plant based ingredients.

What does Bio-Zyme do?

Bio-Zyme acts as a catalyst to stimulate existing bacterial action in speeding up the breakdown (degradation) of organic matter. It also bio chemically eliminates offensive organic odours immediately upon application.

What sort of odour problems will Bio-Zyme eliminate?

Bio-Zyme eliminates all odours associated with organic matter, particularly the hydrogen sulphide and ammonia problems occurring with human and animal faeces.

Will Bio-Zyme harm the environment?

Because Bio-Zyme is made from natural plant-based products with low toxicity, readily biodegradable surfactants, Bio-Zyme would breakdown quickly in waterways as there is always soil on the bottom and sides of any waterway. Bio-Zyme reacts with soils and starts degrading quickly, this means there is no long-term accumulation of Bio-Zyme in the water and soils. Bio-Zyme has a very low impact on the environment. All cleaners have some effect on the environment which is why the product must be used as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Is it safe for the user?

Because Bio-Zyme is made from natural plant based products, it is safe for the user and anyone else who is in the vicinity of where it is being applied.

The major active ingredients in Bio-Zyme products are mentioned by US EPA as known to be less hazardous to human health, including allergic reactions or asthma.

Is Bio-Zyme 100% plant based?

No, it has low-toxicity surfactants added.

If not 100% plant based how did it get BioGro accreditation?

The ingredients in Bio-Zyme are mainly organic based and there are no genetically modified organisms added. ie: salt can have BioGro accreditation it is not plant based but mined naturally.

Do Bio-Zyme products contain non-ionic surfactants?

A non-ionic surfactant has a hydrophobic tail (oil loving) and a hydrophilic head (water loving), but carries no charge (neutral).
Yes, Bio-Zyme products have non-ionic surfactants.
Surfactants used are of the lowest toxicity and neutral class.
Bio-Zyme Products do not contain any cationic or anionic surfactants.

How can Bio-Zyme products be applied?

By spray bottle, foaming units, foggers, bucket & mop, auto pump dispenser units.

What are enzymes?

An Enzyme is a catalysis that speeds up the natural biodegrading process of organic matter.

Is Bio-Zyme a sanitiser?

Bio-Zyme Cleaner and Multipurpose are naturally produced sanitisers with proven NZ lab results and MPI Approvals.

What is the persistence and degradability of Bio-Zyme in the environment?

Readily Biodegradable. Natural ability to biodegrade to their natural state, when subjected to sunlight, water, soils from 60-100% in 28 days.

Is Bio-Zyme safe for the Septic?

Bio-Zyme is the preferable product to use in your septic/wastewater treatment as it enhances and conditions the contents of the waste.

Bio-Zyme is endorsed by NZ's leading wastewater treatment manufacturers.

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Bio-Zyme Start Pack box and the contents of the box on a table

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