Case Studies

Case Study - Meat & Food Processing Facilities

Meat Processing Facility


  • This site was producing 300-400 cubic meters of waste (6 litres per second) into their effluent ponds daily
  • The smell was an issue, the jets on the irrigation system from the pond were blocking and the pond was crusting. The compliance requirement is to reduce the output of BOD by 80%.
  • The site had trialled Molasses: Reduction in BOD was 70%


  • Bio-Zyme Industrial daily pumped into line to effluent pond resulted in:
    • Reduction of BOD output of 90 - 95%
    • Eliminated smell
    • Jets all clear on irrigation system
    • No crusting on pond
    • No build-up on pipes
  • Have continued using Bio-Zyme Industrial in this manner since March 2008. Currently also using
    Multipurpose to clean floors of the factory.


Food Processing Facility


  • Auckland City Council Compliance level is 200m/g of Oil and Grease output
  • Council test on site @ 856m/g Oil and Grease output
  • Risk of a fine or being shut down till work was completed to be compliant


  • Bio-Zyme dose pump installed onto grease converter to pump 100mL every 24hrs of Bio-Zyme Industrial
  • Council test on site @32m/g oil and grease output (14 days later).
    • Client has been using Bio-Zyme Industrial in this manner and would highly recommend the product.
  • Have continued using Bio-Zyme since July 2017

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Case Study - By Products & Seafood Processing Facilities

By Products Processing Facility


  • Smell issues, Council complaining and media reports. 
  • 33,000L underground Bio Filter (Water sprayed over bark) smell was excessive


  • Visit to assess the problem 27th July 
  • 28th July Order 200L + 8 x 20L Bio-Zyme Industrial Used the 200 litres as shock dose then administered through spraying system
  • 8th October rung client using 2 x 20L per week through the spraying system
  • No smell No complaints from Council or Media. Happy with results
  • Have continued using Bio-Zyme and reduced the amount being used since June 2015


Seafood Processing Facility

Waste Water Treatment System installed


  • System failing due to odour, causing the Company to get the system pumped out by Liquid waste
    contractor every week sometimes twice a week.
    Cause: Using caustic and quat based cleaning products 7 times a day and emptying down toilets
    when finished to wastewater system.


  • Using Bio-Zyme cleaner at 30mL/per litre to clean amenities empty down toilets when finished to wastewater system
  • Using 1L Bio-Zyme Industrial down toilet straight to wastewater system for shock treatment
  • Bio-Zyme enhanced the bacteria to become healthy which eliminated the smell and the need for weekly clean outs. Notable difference in odour within 3 days.
  • Have continued using Bio-Zyme & reduced daily dose.
  • Since May 2019.

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Case Study - Dairy Farm

Dairy Farm


  • Farm with a herd of 500 cows and effluent being discharged into a 120-180 day storage pond.
    Had odours and pond crusting - weeping walls blocking.


  • Primed pond with 40 litres Bio-Zyme Industrial then followed up with 1 litre per day pouring down drains of cowshed to effluent pond.
  • Resulted in reducing odour, crusting and solids in pond. Helps weeping walls work more efficiently and keeps the irrigation jets clean and clear of debris.
  • After effluent was irrigated on paddocks the grass was more palatable for the cows and livestock, while still being cost-effective.
  • Have continued using Bio-Zyme since Dec 2018

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Case Study - Southland Farm Milking 1000 Cows

Southland Farm Milking 1000 Cows

Site Visit

24th September 2018

Pre Treatment Findings

  • Odour from Pond
  • Crusting on pond 1.45 mtrs
  • Aerator (stirrer) used 4.5 hours per day
  • Solids being dumped on paddock when emptied

Treatment Plan

  • Shock dose pond with 20L Bio-Zyme Industrial
  • Pour 2 litres Bio-Zyme Industrial down drain in pit of rotary cowshed daily

Site Visit

23rd October 2018

Findings after 1 month

  • Minimum Odour of Pond
  • Crusting on pond 700mm
  • Aerator (stirrer) used 1.5 hours per day since 3rd October
  • Liquefied solids more noticeable

Site Visit

24th November 2018

Findings after 2 months

  • Minimum Odour of Pond
  • Crusting on Pond Nil all liquid
  • Aerator (stirrer) not used at all since 23rd October

Outcome - Positives

  • Minimal to no odour in Pond
  • Grass more palatable for Cows
  • Cows ate 100% of allocation
  • No Smell when irrigating
  • Irrigation Jets clean no blockages
  • Grazing rotation available earlier than previous rotations
  • Smell reduced significantly in centre of Rotary shed and drains
  • Savings in power and maintenance due to not using aerator (stirrer)
  • Bio-Zyme 20L Industrial Cleaner
    • Oxidation Pond Test
    • Use rate: 1L Industrial daily per 500 cows


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Case Study - Polytec


Polytec Facility - South Island with approximately 2000 staff and students on site.

Hygiene Servicing Company had the contract to service sanitary units, contract for 3 years. Units
were serviced fortnightly, monthly and 6 weekly depending on perceived usage. Now cleaners on site
servicing Hygiene Units as required.

Over the last 8 months including 5 weeks of Covid-19 lock down the Polytec have purchased 4 cartons
(100 cartridges per carton). With the addition of holidays throughout the year including December and
January, the Polytec have done the following calculations.

After the Initial set up of a one-off purchase of the Hygiene units

  • 1st years Savings was 72.6%
  • 2nd year Savings was 81.9%
  • 3rd year Savings was 81.9%

Polytec usually sign a 3 year contract for hygiene servicing. After bringing this service in-house they have saved 78.8% over a 3 year term.


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