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Fragrance Refill Veria

Perfect match to the Fragrance Dispenser Veria

Available in: Apple Berry, Ocean Breeze

The Fragrance Refill Veria is the perfect solution for those who prioritize sustainability. Made with 100% recyclable materials, this refill can be safely disposed of in regular plastic recycling waste, contributing to the principle of minimal waste and avoiding landfills. With an active lifespan of 30 days, the Fragrance Refill Veria is part of an environmentally friendly continuous air freshener system.

Ocean Breeze Fragrance: It gives a reminiscent of a fresh ocean breeze and the scent of distant forests and hints of exotic flowers.

Apple Berry Fragrance: Sweet fruity juicy green apple melded with piquant summer raspberries and hints of liquorice and wild violets. 

Orange & Bergamot: A classically inspired Eau fragrance with crisp refreshing notes of bergamot orange lemon and lavender.

Lemon Lime: Fresh sparkling West Indian limes blended with preserved lemons and balsamic floral nuances.

Features & Benefits

  • Fewer materials employed
  • Recyclable plastics
  • No batteries
  • Renewable components
  • 100% of the refill is recyclable
  • Install near doorway – natural air flow is used to enable unit to work

Technical Sheet

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