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Cleaner Urinal/Toilet Dispenser

Enhance the results of your washroom cleaning

Introducing the Bio-Zyme Urinal/Toilet Dispenser - the easy and effective way to keep your washrooms smelling fresh and clean! Designed to be installed on the wall near your urinal, urinette or toilet's into a water supply, this unit dispenses doses of Bio-Zyme directly into the water feed source. This helps to eliminate unpleasant odours and keep your pipes free-flowing, while also degrading organic waste materials and removing uric scale buildup.

Bio-Zyme is an enzyme-based product that's tough on grime but gentle on surfaces. Not only does it help keep your washrooms smelling great and free from buildup, but it also leaves a film on the surface for easier cleaning. And with daily flushing through the pipework, you can reduce costs and enhance the results of your washroom cleaning.

Say goodbye to unpleasant washroom odours and hello to a fresh and clean space with the Bio-Zyme Urinal/Toilet Dispenser. It's the smart and easy way to keep your washrooms looking and smelling their best!

Features & Benefits

  • Designed to dispense concentrated doses of Bio-Zyme - Non-toxic and eliminates odours
  • Economical per dosage - Programmed to last for 30 days
  • Designed to be installed into a water supply. If installed away from a water source the product will be ineffective
  • Runs on 2D size batteries lasting for up to 12 months (batteries not included)

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