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Hygiene Unit Cartridge

The perfect match for the Bio-Zyme Hygiene Unit

Available in: White and Black | Regular - 13L and Large - 26L

The Bio-Zyme Hygiene Unit Cartridge Regular is specifically designed to be used with the Bio-Zyme Hygiene Unit. The cartridge features a cap, modesty flap, and liner infused with biodegradable, antimicrobial, and deodorising additives in the lid and inner cartridge, which reduces odours and exposure to harmful bacteria such as bloodborne pathogens. This ensures a safe and customer-friendly system. The cartridge is easy to use and can be quickly placed inside the cylinder.

The innovative design ensures a new modesty flap with every service, making the system safe and customer-friendly.

The cartridge can last up to 60 days, saving you time and money on maintenance. It's easy to use and simple to place inside the cylinder, and when it's full, simply remove and dispose of it with normal rubbish in the landfill.

Keep your facility clean and hygienic with the Bio-Zyme Hygiene Unit Cartridge. 

Features & Benefits

  • Hygiene Unit Cartridge with lid and modesty flap
  • Cartridge features a deodoriser to help minimise odours and smells
  • Hygiene Unit Cartridge is biodegradable, has a lovely fresh scent and includes antimicrobial additives that protect the user
  • Hygiene Unit Cartridge for use with Bio-Zyme Hygiene Unit
  • Simple and easy to use
  • The Cartridge Regular has a 13L capacity, and the Large 26L/. Both can last up to 60 days

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