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Blend Centre - Bottle Fill

Efficient way for bottle refilling process

Simplify your bottle refilling process and save money with the Bio-Zyme Blend Centre - Bottle Fill! Our blend centre ensures that you use the correct dilution rate every time you refill, reducing wastage and helping you get the most out of your Bio-Zyme product.

These blend centres are designed to be small and easy to install into your water supply tap, so you can start saving time and money right away. With the Bio-Zyme Blend Centre, you'll enjoy consistent, reliable dilution rates every time you refill your bottles - it's the hassle-free solution you've been searching for!

Features & Benefits

  • Ensures the correct dilution rate is consistently used every time you refill
  • Small and easy to install into a water supply (tap)
  • For use with refilling Bio-Zyme containers
  • Capacity: 4L per minute

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