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Pest Refill Airomist 150g

Designed to be used with Pest Dispenser Airomist

The Pest Refill Airomist 150g is an environmentally responsible insecticide spray that uses natural pyrethrins to kill flies, mosquitoes, and most flying insects. Unlike other insecticides that use synthetic pyrethroids, Pest Refill Airomist 150g only uses 100% natural pyrethrins, which are known to break down rapidly in the environment.

The product does not contain CFCs, making it safe for use and does not harm the ozone layer. Its compact design makes it perfect for use in restrooms, washrooms, communal areas, and other areas where pests may be present.

Use Pest Refill Airomist 150g with your Pest Dispenser Airomist to maintain a bug-free environment and to keep pesky insects at bay.

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