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Foamer Hand Held 1.5L

The perfect foamer to clean washroom areas

Discover the convenience and effectiveness of the Bio-Zyme Foamer Hand Held 1.5L, designed for use with Bio-Zyme enzyme-based concentrate products. This sturdy plastic foamer bottle is easy and safe to use, with a convenient handle and manual pump that activates the product to fully neutralize contaminants on any washable surface.

Perfect for cleaning floors, toilet walls, showers, urinals, urinettes, carpets, and drains, the Bio-Zyme Foamer Hand Held 1.5L is an ergonomic and comfortable tool for extended use. Whether you're a professional cleaner or a homeowner, this foamer bottle is a powerful and effective way to apply your Bio-Zyme concentrate products.

So why settle for subpar cleaning solutions? Try the Bio-Zyme Foamer Hand Held 1.5L today and experience the superior cleaning power of Bio-Zyme products!

Features & Benefits

  • 1.5L capacity foam dispenser for use with the Bio-Zyme products
  • Foaming nozzle for fast and easy application, providing good coverage of Bio-Zyme products on any area size
  • Convenient handle and manual pump to activate the product
  • Reduces the number of chemicals used or stored on site
  • Ready to use with Bio-Zyme Industrial, Cleaner or Multipurpose - use label applicable to the product
  • Comes empty - Bio-Zyme liquid product not included
  • Replacement wand available – ask us about our Bio-Zyme Wand Assembly (WA-F1.5Ltr)

Suitable for use in:

  • Floors
  • Washroom Use - Walls, showers, urinals, urinettes and drains
  • Carpets
  • And more

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