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Fragrance Refill Airomist

Pro 6000 | Provide a fresh and enhanced environment

Available in: Fresh Linen, Berry, Coco Mango and Fresh Apple

The Fragrance Refill Airomist - Pro 6000 is an advanced air freshener designed to be used with the Fragrance Dispenser Airomist and it enhances any commercial, industrial, or institutional space. Its innovative formula uses cutting-edge technology to capture and neutralize malodour molecules, leaving behind a clean and hygienic scent.

With 6000 metered doses in each 275mL can, this powerful spray is effective in room sizes up to 170m³ and lasts up to 60-90 days. Create a welcoming, fresh environment for your staff and customers with Fragrance Refill Airomist - Pro 6000.

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