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Foamer Connect to Hose

The convenient and efficient way to clean large areas

Introducing the Bio-Zyme Foamer Connect to Hose (Spray Gun) - the convenient and efficient way to clean large areas without the need for a pressure washer. With this easy-to-use foam sprayer, simply connect it to your garden hose, add your desired Bio-Zyme concentrate product (Cleaner, Industrial or Multipurpose), and start foaming away.

Featuring a 900mL capacity reservoir, the Foamer Connect allows you to mix the perfect amount of concentrate product and water for optimal cleaning power. The foam sprayer applies the mixture evenly across surfaces, ensuring full coverage and maximum cleaning efficiency. When you're finished, simply use the hose fitting to wash away the dirt and grime.

Say goodbye to bulky pressure washers and hello to the Bio-Zyme Foamer Connect - the ultimate cleaning tool for large areas. Whether you're tackling a commercial property or just need to clean a big outdoor space, this foamer makes cleaning easy and hassle-free.

Features & Benefits

  • Durable, Quality Brass Components
  • Connects to garden hose no need for a pressure washer, easy connection
  • Accurately mixes the correct amount of concentrate product and water
  • Detachable spray gun to rinse off after Foaming
  • 900mL capacity
  • 6 settings for dilution rates
  • Hand grip with quick connector, easy to use. Detachable design, easy to carry and store
  • All Bio-Zyme Products (Cleaner, Industrial and Multipurpose) can be used through this foamer. Use the label applicable to the product
  • Dimensions: 10.8cm Width x 44cm Length x 22.5cm Height | 0.6Kg

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