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Dose It Pump (Auto)

Convenient solution for dosing Bio-Zyme into a Grease Converter

The Bio-Zyme Dose It Pump (Auto) is a convenient and easy-to-use solution for automated dosing of Bio-Zyme Industrial product into a Grease Converter or Grease Trap.

The pump is designed to deliver a precise dose of 100ml of product every day at a set time, ensuring optimal performance of your waste management system.

The compact unit can be easily installed under any kitchen bench and features a battery backup in case of power outages. With the Bio-Zyme Dose It Pump (Auto), you can rest assured that your grease management system is being properly maintained without the need for manual intervention.

Repair Kit  Pump Head


Features & Benefits

  • Comes pre-programmed with the user only having to set the time and date once before installation
  • Easily fitted under the bench of any kitchen
  • Environmentally preferable - Bio-Zyme Industrial is a readily biodegradable cleaner that fully neutralises contaminants
  • NZ Council Approved for use in Grease Converter/Traps
  • Endorsed by manufacturers - Kings Custom Grease Converters, MacTrap Systems and Clenz Systems
  • Dimensions: 90mm Width x 190mm Length x 115mm Height
  • Replacement Head and Squeeze Tub available – ask us about our Bio-Zyme Dose It Pump Head and Squeeze Tub (V- Dose It Pump Head)

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